STARTS APRIL 16th 2024!!!

For the mom who’s fed up with yo-yo dieting and getting nowhere…


What if you could supercharge your confidence, rock that bikini on vacay, be present with your kids, and achieve your dream weight once and for all?



Let me guess…


You’re tired of being trapped in a never-ending cycle of toxic diet culture with all the ups and downs that make your head spin and leave you feeling depleted and exhausted.  


As a busy mom, you've faced your fair share of weight loss struggles while tackling the chaos of motherhood, work, and life's daily demands. Emotional eating, stress, and pesky hormonal imbalances make the weight struggle way too real. 


The extra weight makes you feel crappy about yourself, missing precious moments with your kids and spiraling into negativity. 


Until now, you've been on every diet in the book, banished carbs like a pro, counted points like a mathematician, and even had epic weight loss bets with your BFF.


But let's face it, all that effort hasn't exactly delivered the long-term results you deserve


It's frustrating, right? Sure, you've had a few small victories along the way, but somehow you always end up back at square one (or worse, feeling like you've gained a ton of weight). Not cool! 😔


Well, picture this…


You, strutting around with the confidence of a queen, finally reaching your ideal weight and embracing a life of pure excitement! No more worries, no more feeling held back. You’re kicking it at the park, playing tag with your kids, without a care in the world about how you look. 


Oh, and let's not forget that adorable summer romper you've been eyeing. You'll slip into it effortlessly, radiating confidence and spunk like nobody's business. And when it's time for that girls' night out, you'll show up with flair that’s off the charts!


And here's the best part…


By achieving your weight loss goals, you'll be an even better role model for your little ones when it comes to food and body positivity. It's time to teach them the art of embracing a healthy lifestyle without all the unnecessary stress. 


Can you imagine?…


Finally, saying adios to those failed attempts and unleashing a weight loss plan that actually works? Rocking a body you love. No more backtracking or settling for mediocre results. Can you see your future self? The one that goes all the way to weight loss victory! 💪💃


I know the struggle is real…


I've been in those trenches, battling with food and weight for a whopping 20 years. I get it—we've tried every damn diet out there, thinking that if we could just be skinny, life would magically fall into place. But one day, the tide turned, and I decided enough was enough. I embarked on a mission to crack that weight loss code once and for all, and let me tell you, I freaking nailed it!


I dove headfirst into the depths of my own struggle, determined to uncover the secrets to reaching those elusive weight loss goals that had been taunting me for far too long. 


And you know what? I struck gold! I discovered the missing pieces of the puzzle and unlocked a world where success and satisfaction go hand in hand. 


Now, it's time to share those juicy secrets with you, so you can wave goodbye to that weight loss rollercoaster and say hello to a life of lasting transformation. 


Get ready, my friend, because we're about to make some serious magic happen! 💥🔓✨


I've uncovered five powerhouse pillars that will help you ditch the weight for good, find food freedom, and shine as a role model to your kids. Let's take a sneak peek at these golden weight-loss nuggets! ✨


  1. Forget the outdated calories in/calories out method! We're all about balancing hunger hormones for weight loss that feels like a breeze.
  2. Motivation? Meh. It's time to rewire that diet brain and create empowering habits that stick like glue. Say goodbye to "white-knuckling" your way past those tempting treats.
  3. Feel your feelings, honey! It's time to process emotions instead of devouring them. Food isn't the solution to everything (just hunger!).
  4. Accountability is where it's at! Own up to your word and find support in a kickass community that keeps you on track.
  5. Oh, and let's remember the fun + love! Embrace self-love, enjoy the journey, and become your own bestie as you rock this transformation.


Put all these pillars into action, and voila! You've got yourself the most effortless and rewarding path to finally reach those weight loss goals—for good! 💪💕

Nothing is wrong with you, our culture is set up so that we literally can’t solve this in the traditional way. It is not your fault. We actually can change this. You are not a special unicorn that is flawed. You really can solve this once and for all. 

Hey, Laura here.

I love rocking outrageous earrings, embracing my child-like spirit, and living life to the fullest! After years of riding the dieting roller coaster, I've discovered a deep love for my body. 

And guess what? I want you to experience that same love for yourself! Let's embark on this journey together and have a blast along the way! 💃🌈🎉

Helping busy mamas weigh their dream weight, end body drama, and become free from food jail is my jam.

I was desperate to be thin, thinking if I could just be “skinny,” everything would be right in the world. 

And I tried literally EVERYTHING. I was constantly pushing my way (miserably) through life, either cutting carbs, working out like a fiend, or starving myself to be thin. 

I wanted to know the elusive secret that thin people knew (that I didn’t)!

Then after 20 years of struggling, I went on a mission to crack the code. And  I finally found the “secret sauce” for ending my struggles with weight, food, and body image—the keys to FINALLY taking the weight off (and keeping it off).



For busy moms who desperately want to lose weight for the last time and feel confident, free, and f*cking excited to DO life!  

Ready to kick those crappy diets to the curb? Say buh-bye to deprivation and ending up right back where you started (ugh, the worst!). Get ready to say hell-yeah to a whole new way that actually works!
This 6-month coaching program is designed to transform your weight loss journey. With personalized coaching, a kickass community, and all the tools you need, we're here to help you achieve your ideal weight while still savoring your favorite foods, living your busy life, and being fully present for your amazing kids.
No more sacrifices or restrictions—this is a whole new level of weight loss awesomeness. Get ready to rock your goals and create a life you truly love.💃💪🎉

Your future self will be in awe of your transformation on the other side of The Yummy Mummy Experience:


🌈Achieve your dream weight goals, in a healthy and sustainable way


🌈Embrace food freedom and make peace with your badass body
🌈Build confidence and celebrate your unique beauty
🌈Say buh-bye to harmful food habits and find Zen in eating
🌈Create mental space to pursue your passions and enjoy life fully
🌈Develop lasting healthy habits for a bright future
🌈Connect with like-minded women who support and encourage you
🌈Invest in your well-being and happiness to create a vibrant and fulfilling life



Here is how we do it inside the YMX….

  • Balance hunger hormones (makes shedding weight effortless, this is NOT calories in, calories out!)

  • Rewire your diet brain to a dream weight brain (this is how we create real + effortless habit change)

  • Learn how to feel feelings instead of eat them (food only solves one thing: hunger!)

  • Daily accountability (another reason diets don't work!)

  • Private community of like minded women (you won't feel alone, plus it is so fun!)

  • Masterful coaching to help you if you get stuck or a challenge arises (that is why diets fail!)

  • Becoming your own bff (we can't hate ourselves thin!)

Rebecca went from yo-yo dieting to keeping the weight off EASILY!



So you can lose weight for the last time and therefore:

  • Wake up ready, excited + energized to take on the day, dressed in fun jeans and a cute top

  • Be the role model you want to be for your kids around food and body image

  • Feel confident in that bathing suit (or whatever!) for your upcoming vacation

  • Feel like you are thriving not simply surviving

  • Be fully present at dinners, celebrations, life

  • Have fun with your kids + actually be in the photos

  • Be excited about social events (think of how great you’ll look and how in control around food you will feel!! -- you will, promise!)

  • Be at peace with food and your body

  • To be active + adventurous without pain or fluff in the way

  • Be done yo-yo-ing

  • Be done “shying away” from your partner ;)

  • Be done with the mental drama of counting and calculating




Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the 6-month The Yummy Mummy Experience:


  • Weekly Coaching Calls... personalized guidance, expert advice, and a boost of motivation to crush your goals.
  • Weekly Modules + Journal Prompts... have a clear roadmap and empowering insights to transform your weight loss journey.

  • Ask A Coach - on-demand written coaching... tailored support, answers to your burning questions, and the confidence to overcome any obstacles.

  • Hard Copy Workbook that contains every tool you need to lose weight for the last time... a comprehensive guidebook filled with proven strategies, empowering exercises, and practical resources for long-term success.

  • Hard Copy Daily Journal... a powerful tool to track your progress, celebrate wins and cultivate self-awareness for a transformative mindset shift.

  • A Private Community... an uplifting support system, connections with like-minded women, and a tribe of cheerleaders to celebrate your victories and lift you up when needed.



How Andrea Lost 50 Pounds!!!



Olivia went from being trapped by food to having FREEDOM while losing weight!



Our Zoom meetings are held weekly (Tuesday or Wednesday) and you can come live or watch the recordings of the meetings. If you want to lose weight for the last time, it does not matter if you are live on the call or not. Many clients have lost weight for the last time without ever being live on a call. Calls will not be held on holidays.

What will we do on the Zoom Meeting? We will discuss, workshop, and coach so that every single tool you need in order to lose weight for the last time is a part of you and your habits. You will receive a module each week to watch along with some journal / writing prompts after the call. It takes most clients 15-60 minutes to complete the weekly prompts.

What does weight loss coaching even mean? You are welcome to bring anything you need help with to our calls. Coaching is one of the main reasons why this program works. We need someone to help us see what we cannot see, to help us identify the obstacles that are in our way and then create real strategies to help us remove these obstacles. Coaching helps us to get to the root cause of why we are not at our natural weight and from there helps us to create a way forward that makes our natural weight inevitable. Think of a coach that you might have had in sports, their job is to show you potential blindspots and help you to solve for them, same idea here (and in my case with massive amounts of love and fun).

If you cannot come live to the zoom meeting coaching call or you need coaching on another day of the week, you are encouraged to come into our private slack channel called “ask a coach” and get written coaching at any time. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours (usually sooner) during all 7 days of the week!

The Investment




  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Modules + Journal Prompts

  • Ask A Coach - on demand written coaching

  • Hard Copy Workbook that contains every tool you need to lose weight for the last time

  • Hard Copy Daily Journal

  • A Private Community

  • Weight Loss for the last damn time



If it seems like a lot of money or you have sticker shock, that is normal. It is a lot of money! (I had sticker shock too when I hired my first coach!)

This is an investment, not an expense, the ROI you will get once you lose weight for the last time is exponential.

Many of us will spend the money and time on our weight problem anyway, let’s solve it once and for all and be done.

Many clients end up saving money because they stop spending money on the habits that no longer serve them and on quick fixes that don’t work. This method is totally new and unique, like nothing you have ever tried before.

When you have significant skin in the game, you get results, and in fact it is imperative you do have skin in the game.



Your success inside the YMX is guaranteed. The Success Guarantee states that you either lose weight for the last time or you get your money back. You must complete all zoom calls, the modules and the homework/ journal prompts in order for the Success Guarantee to be valid. I know you will be successful and am here to help every step of the way.


Let’s make sure you’re in the perfect spot to see the transformation that The Yummy Mummy Experience delivers…
  • You want to weigh your “dream come true” weight
  • You want to free yourself from food drama forever
  • You want to love that body of yours 
  • You’re exhausted with so much head space and energy it takes to keep up the weight loss and food struggles
  • You have tried it all and are ready to take one last leap of faith into a proven program - the LAST one you’ll need
  • You are ready to show up for yourself over the next six months


The Actual Problem



The Actual 



The Result You Get When You Use "The Actual 


Let's get real, mama 


You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin.


Let’s take a peek into what not joining YMX might look like… 
You go down the rabbit hole of yet another point-tracker, low-carb diet, fasting plan, or pre-packaged meals. You might see some initial results, but let's be honest—it's a constant battle of willpower. 
Those cravings sneak up on you, and you feel guilty when you give in. The cookies practically call your name, and it feels like you're being pulled away from your goals.
And then, you find yourself back at square one, feeling even worse about yourself.
You want to release the struggle + the energy it sucks out of you. You have better ways to spend your time. 
So, here's the truth, no sugar-coating it…
The path that brought you here won't lead you to where you want to be.
I don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to feel confident, set an example for your kids, rock your favorite outfits, create space for new possibilities, and achieve your ideal weight for good.
Is this going to be the summer, *your* summer? 

The one where you break free from the endless cycle of weight loss and gain and embrace a life of freedom and fulfillment?



If not now, when?

This decision may seem tough, but trust me when I say that change is absolutely possible. It happened for me, and it will happen for you. 
You have the power to achieve your dream weight once and for all.
Now, let's fast forward six months into the future...
Each morning, you wake up feeling energized, vibrant, and ready to take on the world with passion and enthusiasm.
Imagine being fully present for your kids and family, no longer weighed down by the struggles of your weight.
Your wardrobe is a collection of the cutest clothes that effortlessly flatter your figure and make you feel incredibly sexy.
Feel the confidence radiating from within as you wholeheartedly love your body and confidently strut into any social gathering like the superstar you are.
All of this is within your reach. It's time to take that next step, commit to yourself, and embrace the love and transformation you deserve. 

It's time to show up and change the course of your life.



30 pounds down and a newfound sense of self-love!



Mel stopped hiding from the camera and started living life again! 


Bonnie tried it all before, but FINALLY lost 40 pounds for good with Yummy Mummy!


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